Morning stroll through the park

Morning stroll through the park

This morning when I came home from working a vampire over night shift I surprisingly wasn’t tired. I always enjoy the beauty of the morning light and what it brings to photography. Usually I am too tired in the morning after working over night to take advantage of this. Not today though- I was too busy thinking about the idea that in life you have to do what you love- even if it means you don’t make that much money. While finishing a night audit shift for the hotel I work at a taxi cab driver came inside to wait for guest for a morning pickup. While he was waiting he started to have a small conversation with me…how long have I worked here …do I like what I do etc. For some reason= I’m not sure why he felt comfortable sharing this all with me- he started telling me about a business he had previously worked for. This consulting company he worked for allowed him to make a generous living and travel quite frequently-so naturally I thought to myself “then how the hell are you driving taxi’s now?” He must have read the look on my face or my mind one of the two because he began explaining how much of his life he had missed out on when he was consumed with his salary- his kids, his now ex wife, and traveling to all the famed countries he dreamed about going to growing up in Tunisia. Now he is working as a taxi cab driver in order to make a living while he sets up a small business of his own-something he had all always wanted to do but never had time for. So then how long does it take to realize what it is in life you are willing to sacrifice for and what truly makes you happy? How long does it take to understand what it even is that makes you happy? I think i’m finally beginning to slowly start figuring these things out-hopefully anyway. I thought I would start by taking advantage of this lovely morning…


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