Do you remember your “best friend forever” from kindergarten? Or the best friend from first grade- you know the one you bought matching heart piece necklaces with? Well if you answered to yourself with a yes and yes- than you’re lucky. Like many people I have gone through the grade school system and through […]

Morning stroll through the park

This morning when I came home from working a vampire over night shift I surprisingly wasn’t tired. I always enjoy the beauty of the morning light and what it brings to photography. Usually I am too tired in the morning after working over night to take advantage of this. Not today though- I was too […]

Green without envy

Green without envy…Well aside from a play on words… this picture signifies me at a particular phase in my life. There are many people my age looking to flaunt what they have- what car they bought or what job they’ve landed or whatever it may be. I can be happy for you…I congratulate you… but […]